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Why Is Connecticut Weight Loss Centers Different?

Connecticut Weight Loss Centers has been helping people lose weight for nearly 15 years.  With a doctor supervised weight loss program and plan, feel secure that you are investing your time in a fundamentally sound and safe weight loss program.

The majority of our patients have already tried multiple diet programs. Often, they have failed many, many times and are anxious to find a program that will finally work. They are searching for a program that will help them make the changes they desperately want. Some of the programs our patients have tried include Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutriSystems, and HCG.

Sure, many programs offer some of the amazing things that we offer like online weight loss tools, online group support, monthly payments, maintenance programs, exercise protocols, and monthly newsletters, but that is where the similarities end.

At Connecticut Weight Loss Centers, we offer a comprehensive weight loss program. You see, our mission is to help you lose weight, but in addition to that, we find out WHY you haven’t been able to lose weight. We want to discover the reasons you may be trapped in emotional eating.

We have also found this to be true: if you could have lost weight on your own by now, you would have! You need a coach. You need someone to hold your hand throughout this process, and with us as your partner in weight loss, you’ll succeed! Alone you’ll struggle, but together we’ll conquer this!

Avoid programs and plans that offer free memberships, boxed or frozen foods delivered to your door, and group meetings.  Simply stated, these options don't work.  You don't want a membership, you want to lose weight, lose it FAST, and keep it off.  Plain and simple.

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